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Today is the day to begin your journey towards a healthier credit future. You are not alone when you become a member of Credit Queen University. We are dedicated to helping you learn, earn, and grow. Together we can get the job done!

  •  Free Credit Analysis

  •  Trusted Credit Specialist

  •  Available 7 Days A Week

  •  Ranked #1 Customer Support

  •  Affordable Monthly Pricing

  •  Results In 40 Days!

  •  Delete Negative Accounts

  •  10 + Years Of Experience

  •  Aggressive Cleaning Strategy

  •  Results Driven



*We will analyze and continue to review your reports for updates and changes

*We will investigate and process your disputes on your behalf

*We will provide you with automated credit resources to educate you on strategies

*We will create strategic plans of action

*We will help assist with credit education and questions

*We will provide you with full access to your own secure credit portal on our site

*Constantly updated with resources to help you boost, increase and build your scores.

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By Law we can not promise, predict or guarantee you a specific outcome when fixing your credit report.

At Credit Queen University we strive to ensure that every member gets 100 percent satisfaction with our high-quality credit repair resources and services.

If we don’t manage to update any erroneous, inaccurate, incomplete, unverifiable, and obsolete information on your credit reports, you are eligible for a refund within 45 days. You just need to provide us with a copy of the credit results.

You may suspend or cancel the credit repair service at any time in a couple of ways, including:

  • Sending us a written request

  • Telephone

  • Signing and mailing a notice of cancellation

We honor every cancellation request without charge or condition sent to us within the first 5 days after the date of creating a service agreement with us. After making payment for our credit repair services, clients have 3 days to cancel the service and ask for a refund. There will be no refund after 3 days of payment.

Because fees are generally charged after a service has been rendered, expect to pay the final fee after you decide to end the services; note that, generally, fees aren’t refundable. We consider services rendered as per our contract agreement.